Technician Delights His Client With A Cool & Sweet Treat

Our technician Marcus surprised a client recently – by delivering EXACTLY what she asked for!

The whole thing began when our call center representative called to confirm the upcoming appointment with the homeowner. One of the questions she asked was, ‘How can I make your day better?”

The homeowner answered with the first thing that came to her mind to make any day better: “A hot fudge sundae.”

She may have been half-joking, but our call center representative put the words ‘client would like hot fudge sundae’ into the notes from her call.

Prior to going to the appointment, our technician Marcus reviewed those notes. So he decided to stop at the local Dairy Queen on his way and get the sundae.

When the client opened the door and saw Marcus standing there with a hot fudge sundae, she was stunned and then started laughing.

She had assumed her sundae request would be treated as a joke, but was absolutely delighted when Marcus followed through.

Marcus, thanks for making your client’s day with that cool and sweet Good Deed For Free!