Technician Removes Thorny Problem To Keep Everyone Safer

Service Champions technician Frank was at a home in Corona performing a tune-up. When he started working on the condenser outside, he noticed some thorny weed bushes nearby.

“There were some nice plants and trees around, but there were also these thorny weeds that were pretty jagged,” Frank said. “I also noticed a lot of kids stuff around – bikes and toys.”

So Frank thought it might be safer to get the thorny stuff removed so no one got hurt. He snapped a few pictures on his phone and showed it to the homeowner.

“Are you okay with me getting rid of these thorny plants?” Frank asked.

The homeowner said yes – in fact, she’d be glad to be rid of them.

After he completed the tune-up, Frank got to work removing the thorny weeds. It was quick work – in about 10 minutes he had everything done and removed.

All that was left was a happy homeowner who thanked Frank for taking care of that thorny issue.

Thanks Frank for adding to your long list Good Deeds For Free!