Technician Cleans Up After Messy Pup

Service Champions technician Frank is the kind of guy who sees a mess and jumps right into help without looking for thanks.

Recently Frank was at a Lake Forest home and noticed the puppy of the house had spilled his bowl and then scattered food in every direction. This mess just happened to be down near the furnace where Frank was working.

Figuring that he already had a vacuum and broom on hand, Frank decided to go beyond just cleaning up after his own work.

As Frank began attacking the pup’s mess, the homeowner showed up and asked Frank he would like a bottle of water. Caught in the act of doing a Good Deed, Frank explained he was gathering up the scattered dog food.

“Really, you’re cleaning that up for me?” she asked.

With a smile, Frank said, “Well, I decided to do it because I didn’t want to make the dog do it.”

That got a big laugh from the homeowner. She thanked Frank for going the extra mile and leaving his work area cleaner than he found it.

Frank, thanks for another Good Deed For Free – great job finding a little extra to make your client’s day!