Technician Bravely Jumps In To Save Drivers In Bad Multi-Car Accident

Service Champions technician Angel was driving on the I-5 when a huge truck ahead of him went sideways, taking out 3 other cars.

Angel narrowly missed getting hit himself, but then he stopped to help others.

There were multiple cars that contained panicked drivers unable to open doors. Angel used his military knife to break windows and get them out.

Next up was the truck that had overturned. Angel couldn’t get to the top of the overturned cab at first, but realized he could climb on top of another car to reach the top.

When he got up there, Angel saw the bloodied driver and helped get him out.

It wasn’t until later that Angel realized just how much danger he’d been in from spilling diesel fuel and a running truck engine.

Angel was shaken up afterward as he washed diesel fuel and blood from himself but was very thankful there were no fatalities.

Wow, Angel, that’s a special and brave Good Deed For Free!