Technician Fixes Fire Sprinkler Trim As A Good Deed For His Client

Service Champions technician Steven was walking through a Placentia home and he kept noticing the fire sprinkler trim.

He used to work for a fire sprinkler company, so it was very noticeable to him that the trim was not snapped into place properly.

“It’s supposed to conceal the sprinklers, so you don’t see the sprinklers themselves,” Steven said. “It also protects the sprinkler system. But in this case the trim was hanging loose in many places.”

The homeowner was appreciative when Steven mentioned that he would snap it back into place to make it look nicer.

“I fixed two in the hallway, two in the bedroom, and one in the foyer over the main entrance,” Steven said. “It was just climbing up on a ladder and I used a little PVC to push against it to snap it back in place.”

That’s another Good Deed For Free – nice job, Steven!