This Tech Takes The Initiative To Help His Customer

As Service Champions technician Edgar and his client walked by her porch, she mentioned how dirty her the furniture was.

“Oh, look at those chairs,” she said. “I’ve got to get out here to get those cleaned up.”

Edgar was at the La Mirada home to perform a tune-up but, after hearing that, Edgar decided it was time to step in and do a Good Deed.

He found some ‘Simply Green’ and used it to wipe down the porch chairs and a bench. When he was done, he sprayed them down with a hose.

And just like that, all the debris and dirt was gone and the porch furniture was back to its original sparkling white.

The homeowner was very appreciative and thanked Edgar for taking the initiative to help her out.

“It only took me a few minutes,” Edgar said. “But she was excited about how nice and clean everything was.”

Edgar, thanks for looking for the little extras you can do for your clients – that’s another Good Deed For Free!