Tech Fixes Fence To Keep Dog Safe

Service Champions technician David knows first-hand that if a dog gets out of a fenced in area, the consequences can be bad.

“I’ve had a dog get out and get badly injured because of it,” David said.

So, when David was at a home in Corona to perform a tune-up and saw a dog escape out a broken fence, he decided to take action.

“I was climbing a ladder and saw that a fence post was laying on its side,” David said. “They had a little black boxer and I saw him work his way out of the fence area. I helped the client grab the dog.”

David wasn’t done helping. “I want to take care of that hole in the fence for you.”

The homeowner was very appreciative. “We’ve been meaning to get to that for some time.”

David saw the screws the client had to secure the post were too short. He went and got longer screws and got to work. In about 15 minutes, he had the fence fixed. No more dog escapes!

“The homeowner was really grateful,” David said. “I think it was just a really busy household and they had trouble getting to stuff like that.”

Way to step up and get it done, David. That Good Deed For Free will keep that dog safely in the yard!