Tech Surprises Homeowner By Completing Picture Hanging Project

Service Champions technician Miguel was going from room to room with his client at her Ladera Ranch home. As part of tune-up service, he was taking temperature readings near each vent.

In one of the bedrooms, there were two picture frames and a large mirror. While Miguel took readings, she drove a few nails in to hang the pictures and mirror.

They moved on to the next room before she finished up. Later in the tune-up, Miguel was upstairs again as he went to access the attic for an inspection.

He saw the room with the pictures and mirror again, and he decided to help the homeowner out by finishing what she started.

With the nails already in place, he knew exactly where she wanted everything hung. It only took a couple of minutes and everything was in place.

When Miguel finished the tune-up, he told the client her pictures and mirror were now hung and ready to go.

She was surprised and very appreciative that Miguel was willing to do that for her.

Miguel, way to look for the little extras to make a homeowner’s day. That’s another Good Deed For Free!