Homeowner Thankful Technician Helps With Holiday Decorations

Service Champions technician Joey was working on a tune-up for a Fullerton homeowner when he asked that question everyone seems to hear this time of year… “So, are you ready for the holidays?”

“Well… yes, but I don’t have my decorations available yet,” the homeowner told Joey. “My sons are going to come get them down for me, but they haven’t had a chance yet.”

Joey finished up the tune-up, but then decided it was time to help this homeowner with a Good Deed For Free.

“So, where are those holiday decorations?” Joey asked. She told him they were in the garage up on a high shelf.

Joey headed to the garage, got a ladder, and brought down the two boxes of holiday decorations and brought them inside and placed them on the dining room table.

The homeowner was thrilled to be able to start decorating for Thanksgiving and the holidays. Joey offered to help put up the decorations, but she was happy with what he’d already done and said she could take it from there.

“I need to go through everything. You getting them down and bringing them to me is all I need,” she said. “Thank you so much!”

Joey, we’re thankful you’re in the spirit of the holidays with that Good Deed For Free!