Tech Makes Special Trip To Home Depot & Completes Several Bathroom Repairs

Our technician James loves to go above and beyond for his clients – he truly lives the spirit of Good Deeds For Free every day.

For example, he was recently at a home in Cypress and the homeowner asked if he could take a look at the toilet.

“It keeps going on and off, hissing all the time,” she told James. “I can’t sleep at night because I keep hearing it.”

James took a look and saw that the flapper was worn out. Even though it meant a special trip to Home Depot, James was all in.

When she found out he was going to the store, she asked if he could also look at her bathroom faucet handles. James saw one was broken and added that to the list.

James headed to Home Depot, where he used to work part-time. So, finding what he needed was a snap, and he quickly returned to his client’s home.

James got to work, and soon enough he had a very happy homeowner, with a fixed toilet and matching new bathroom faucet handles installed.

She was so thrilled she insisted on giving James some cookies and a drink for his trouble.

James said he was at the home until about 9pm, but that it was worth it because of how grateful the client was.

“She’s just a really nice lady,” James said. “It felt good to help her out.”

Thanks James for never missing an opportunity to perform a Good Deed For Free!