Quick Action By This Technician Removes A Road Hazard

Service Champions technician Leon was on his way to work on Route 142 and was behind a truck that had a wooden gate attached to the back.

“I think the truck must have been used to haul things in the flat bed, so they had created a gate out of wood that had metal parts that attached it to the truck,” Leon explained.

On this day, the driver hit a bump and this back gate jumped up and went flying off. Leon could see this would be no small danger to other drivers, so he immediately stopped.

“I threw on my hazards,” Leon said. “I blocked traffic for a split second, went out there, moved that debris to the side of the road, just to make sure that no one run over or swerve to try and go around it and cause an accident.”

Next, Leon was eventually able to catch up to the driver in traffic and alert him to the problem.

“He asked me where it was and thanked me,” Leon said.

Leon, thanks for your quick thinking and keeping others safe – that’s another Good Deed For Free!