Tall Ladder + Helpful Technician = Fixed Chandelier

Service Champions technician Anthony was about to start a tune-up at a Placentia home when the homeowner asked him a strange question.

“Do you happen to have a long ladder on your truck?” she asked.

Yes, he did. “Why, what do you need?”

She pointed up. Hanging from a ceiling that was about 15 feet high was a beautiful chandelier.

“I love this chandelier, but it really doesn’t look right with that,” the homeowner explained.

Anthony could see what she meant.  A cap that hangs down from the ceiling that covers all the electrical wires had fallen off to the side. Everything was exposed.

“I’ll tell you what,” Anthony said. “Let me complete your tune-up and then I’ll grab my 11-foot ladder and see if I can fix all that for you.”

True to his word, Anthony returned to his van after the tune-up was complete and grabbed the ladder. Getting the long ladder into the home was a little tight around the furnishings, but he figured it out and got to work.

It took a little while for Anthony to get the cap screwed back on, but he finally finished and the reaction he got made it all worthwhile.

“It’s one of my favorite Good Deeds I’ve ever done for any of my clients because she was just so happy,” Anthony said. “She was so appreciative and talked about how no one else would do that, it’s why she loves our company, and why she is so loyal to us.”

Anthony, that Good Deed For Free was a tall order, but it was all worth it. Thanks for all that you do!