Heater Maintenance By The Numbers

Heater Maintenance

Homeowners want only the best for their homes, and that includes heating and air conditioning. However, today, families expect more from their central air systems. We no longer only want heating and cooling. When it comes to HVAC, today’s homeowners look for:

  • Cleaner air
  • Reliable service
  • Safe operation
  • Lower energy spending
  • Longer service lifespan
  • Better home comfort

Fortunately, there is an HVAC service that delivers all of these results. Heater maintenance is by far the most effective and impactful HVAC service homeowners can choose for their homes.

Avoid 90 Percent of Repairs

With heater maintenance homeowners avoid 90 percent of repairs and damages, saving thousands in dollars, time and home comfort. At its base, heater maintenance is preventative treatment. Because the heater receives care from an HVAC specialist, trouble zones are treated before they turn into expensive problems.

What is it about heater maintenance that works?

First, there is a thorough cleaning of the furnace. Your technician comes prepared with precision tools designed to clean sensitive parts, removing dirt, grease and other tough buildup. This type of in-depth cleaning helps parts last longer and work better so the entire central air system is relieved of stress.

Second, your HVAC specialist evaluates the furnace system. From the thermostat inside the house to the condenser unit outside, every piece is evaluated with heater maintenance.

This includes the:

  • Thermostat
  • Fire exchanger
  • Blower motor
  • Air filter system
  • Air duct system
  • Ventilation
  • Gas valves
  • Condenser unit and settings

Each part of the system is also tested for proper operation. Your specialist tests for safety, efficiency and reliability.

Finally, your contractor makes the repairs necessary to restore the health of the furnace. If you regularly have heater maintenance for your home, you most likely will not need any repairs. However, for homeowners new to heater maintenance, there may be a repair needed.

It is best not procrastinate on recommended repairs. Heaters that work through needed repairs spend more energy to provide the same amount of heating. In addition, the entire system endures a great deal of stress when a repair is needed.

To prevent up to 90 percent of expensive repairs and permanent damages, schedule heater maintenance every fall.

Save Two to Three Times More from Damages and Repairs

Some homeowners do not rely on heater maintenance. They hope that they can use their heaters without any type of service for as long as they need the heater. This is an enormous gamble.

We use the heater and air conditioner every single day and they’re built to last. However, when they do not receive heater maintenance, or any type of service care, they accumulate harmful conditions. As a result, the heater works, but not to the standard homeowners want. So when HVAC specialists come to service the heater, homeowners are met with giant service bills.

How can we prevent this from happening? Heater maintenance is the most cost effective solution.

Most heater maintenance or AC maintenance programs only cost a fraction of a repair bill.

Keep Thousands of Particles Out of Your Air

The air we breathe inside our home has so much to do with our heater system.

Homeowners who want better indoor air quality and healthier air need heater maintenance.

Why? There are all sorts of strange and harmful particles building inside the heater. Whenever we turn on the thermostat, air passes through the heater, brushing up particles into the house.

Homeowners are often surprised to learn that outdoor air is cleaner than indoor air the majority of the time. In fact, the average person breathes 50,000 pollution particles in a day.

What types of particles are found inside the heater?

  • Organic yard waste – dead leaves, grass, stems, insects, fecal matter
  • Microbiological growth – molds, spores
  • Buildup – dust, dirt, grease, oils

Heater maintenance removes all these particles from the heater and the air. This way, homeowners enjoy clean and reliable home air.

Enjoy All 20 Years of Heating Service

The same particles that contribute to poor indoor air quality also affect system performance and longevity. How long do you want your heater to last?

When the furnace works on equipment needing a cleaning, it uses more energy than if parts were maintained. That means, at the very least, homeowners can expect a higher energy bill. In addition, the heater doesn’t work as well on dirty parts. Screws come undone, wires fall out and settings change. A specialist is required to restore the health of the furnace with heater maintenance so you can have a comfortable home.

Most furnace and air conditioning systems are meant to last 15 to 20 years with proper maintenance. However, most homeowners do not even think about helping their systems last that long. Many people often only need their systems to last as long as they live in that particular home. When they sell the home or move away, it becomes the responsibility of the next homeowner.

Twenty years is a long time, making the heating and air conditioning system one of the strongest machines for the home. Fortunately, it doesn’t require too much care either. Heater maintenance once a year helps the furnace last long and work to standard for as long as it can.

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