Quick Grill Fix

Service Champions technician Steven learned his customers were having a barbecue that weekend. He also noticed that their grill had a broken leg, and he thought a fixed grill would make the upcoming barbecue all the better.

Steven enlisted the help of fellow technician Jesus, who was on the service call with him. They grabbed their tools and in just a couple of minutes had the leg re-attached.

“It only took about two minutes,” Steven said. “The grill wheel had fallen off the shaft. The wheel is held on by little clips and those clips had fallen off.”

Steven and Jesus were able to get the clips back in shape and snapped them into place to get the wheel fully attached and functional again.

“Now the grill moves freely without having to drag it,” Steven said.

Steven decided to let the customers be surprised by the fixed leg later. “It was just something that we did just because it was the right thing to do.”

Great job Steven and Jesus! Keep those Good Deeds coming!

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