Problems That A/C Maintenance Prevents

There are several benefits to A/C maintenance. Most importantly, you know that your central air will perform reliably. Still, many homeowners hesitate to schedule A/C maintenance, unsure if the cost will be offset with desirable results.

To your luck, A/C maintenance can do a world of wonder. Before you experience another problem with your central air system, consider how useful A/C maintenance can be to your home and peace of mind.

Unnecessary Stress on the Central Air System

A dirty central air system uses more energy to condition air than a clean one. When a central air system has to work through a dirty filter or small pieces of obstruction, it adds greater stress. This causes the system to grind harder and wear out more quickly. It results in more A/C repairs, decline in performance quality and shortened lifespan.

A major part of A/C maintenance is a thorough cleaning. A solid A/C maintenance program includes an intense cleaning of the system, both inside and out. Drip pans are emptied and scrubbed down. Evaporator coils are evaluated to ensure that they are also free of water and buildup. In addition, fan blades, motors and other delicate parts are cleaned. Though you can replace a dirty air filter by yourself, leave the rest to your trained HVAC technician.

Microbiological Growth Affecting Indoor Air Supply

Condensation is a natural process that comes with air conditioning. Since the system itself is constantly heating up and cooling down, water is bound to collect in various areas. Two places we should be aware of are the drip pan and evaporator coils.

The drip pan is there to collect any extra water that does not make it through the condensate line. Water also collects around the evaporator coils because they experience the greater temperature swings. Since the evaporator coils are kept in a dark box, it is possible for microbiological growth to occur, entering the indoor air supply.

A/C maintenance prepares for safety hazards such as excess water near electrical sources as well as removing microbiological growth. Some A/C systems may be more prone to these conditions depending on usage and the system itself.

Costly Repairs and Permanent Damages

The greatest benefit of A/C maintenance is that expensive repairs and damages are avoided. Regular A/C maintenance gives your HVAC specialist the time to study your central air and provide it the care it needs to do well on a daily basis. He or she is also able to scope out potential issues before they occur.

This saves you time otherwise spent waiting for a repair and the money to replace system parts.

High Quality A/C Maintenance with Service Champions Experts

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning has protected thousands of HVAC systems through A/C maintenance. Our 26-Point Air Conditioning Precision Tune-Up provides exceptional technical care, ensuring the health, cleanliness, safety and efficiency of your A/C system.

To schedule your A/C maintenance with a talented Service Champions technician, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center or schedule an appointment online.

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