Questions For Your Next Heating or Cooling Company

Don’t be intimidated by the daunting task of finding the right HVAC company for your new heating or cooling equipment. We know you want someone who will not only do a great job, but also be a professional while at your home. Therefore, we’ve devised five simple questions to ask during the estimate that will help you separate the wheat from the chaff.

  • 1. How long will this project take? Although a seemingly obvious question, the answer may help you choose between two otherwise similar companies. If you need the work done sooner, is there an additional charge? How will they accommodate your schedule? Make sure they will be able to work out those details with you.
  • 2. Can you provide proof that you are properly licensed and insured? Reputable heating and air companies are licensed with the state, county or other governing bodies in which they reside. A license means that the company has put in the time to go through the process of registering and is in it for the long haul. The correct insurance is equally important. If something were to happen on your property during the work, you want to make sure that you are not held liable.
  • 3. Do you offer any type of guarantee or warranty? Once a job is over, does the company stand behind their work? Most reputable companies will offer some sort of guarantee on the work, and many will also have warranties on the equipment they install. Make sure to get the specifics on any type of guarantees or warranties in writing.
  • 4. What is included in the price? This may seem like a no-brainer in an estimate, but it often goes unasked. Does the company offer a guaranteed up-front price for the job? Or do they bill per hour? Get a list of exactly what is included in the price. That way, when comparing multiple estimates, you know what you’re getting in the price and there will be no surprises later.
  • 5. What benefits do you offer? You will want to tweak this question to fit your individual needs. The point is to find out if there are currently any special offers or tax incentives out there that you may qualify for. Also, ask about energy consumption. Is there a slightly more expensive option that is much more efficient and saves you money in the long-term?

These five must-ask questions will make your next quest for an HVAC estimate much less intimidating. By having a set of criteria to judge each company, you can more easily compare estimates and decide on the best fit for you.

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