Putting Away Easter Decorations Strikes The Right Chord

Service Champions technician Debbie was at a home in Yorba Linda when she noticed the homeowner struggling to put something away on a shelf that was a bit too high for her.

Debbie is not one to stand back and watch when someone needs assistance! She jumped right in and offered to help.

A smile immediately stretched across the face of the customer – it was a relief to have some help. The homeowner gave Debbie the Easter decorations she was trying to store away until next year.

Debbie carefully wrapped up the decorations in a bag the customer handed her and then placed them on the top shelf of the closet. What was a stretch for the customer was fairly easy for Debbie to reach.

Debbie says the homeowner smiled the whole time this was going on and then they started talking a bit. It turns out they both love classical music, including Mozart, Bach, and Beethoven.

Debbie, by jumping in and being quick to help, you struck all the right notes! Keep those Good Deeds For Free coming!

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