Give ‘Em A Push!

Service Champions technician Ryan had finished up the service call in Orange and was returning to his service vehicle when he noticed a white Ford Explorer stuck in the middle of an intersection.

A couple of guys were trying to push it out of the way… and they weren’t getting anywhere!

Even though they weren’t Ryan’s customers, he is not one to stand by and watch others struggle. He approached and asked if he could help. The two young men were happy to have a third person to push.

With the extra muscle of Ryan, they were able to get it out of the way of the traffic flow. The woman in the driver seat steered the Explorer safely to the side of the road.

The men were very thankful to Ryan, and shook his hand. They told him they had some assistance on the way to get the car jump-started. Ryan wished them luck and went on his way.

Ryan, way to get these folks rolled to safety – thanks for another ‘Good Deed For Free’!

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