Patio Gazebo Fixed Up By Our Technician

Service Champions technician Lucius was at an Anaheim home for a tune-up when he noticed a small patio gazebo that had a top that was ripped up and detached.

“Looks like your gazebo got damaged,” Lucius said. “The top doesn’t look stabilized.”

The customer sighed.

“I’ve been meaning to get that fixed, but I can’t do it myself,” she said. She went on to tell Julian that a recent storm had done the damage.

Lucius took a look and decided he could improve the situation. “Let me go ahead and help you out,” he said, and headed to his truck. He grabbed some zip ties and went back to the gazebo.

“What I can do is zip tie the corners of the top to the pole,” Lucius explained. “This will make it more secure and you won’t have to worry about it falling off.”

His customer was very happy and relieved. She told Lucius she lived by herself and there was no way she could have done that herself. “I couldn’t even reach that.”

She thanked Lucius and he went on to explain the Good Deeds philosophy.

“This is part of our company,” Lucius said. “If you need help with something you can’t do, or just need something nice done, I’m here to help you out.”

Great work Lucius! Way to take a little extra time and proactively look for ways to help with another ‘Good Deed For Free!’

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