Superhero Spider Removal At No Extra Charge

Service Champions technician Landon was chatting with his customer in the hallway of the Walnut home when he noticed a spider about the size of a half-dollar crawling around near the ceiling.


Landon is a tall guy and he knew he could reach up and take care of this spider easier than his customer could. But he also didn’t want to smash the spider on his customer’s wall, so Landon cobbled together a solution with a PVC pipe.

Landon reached up with the PVC pipe and patiently waited for the spider to crawl on it. Sure enough, the spider was nice enough to accommodate and Landon quickly took the pipe outside and released the spider into the wild.

The customer was impressed with his quick action and getting rid of the spider so harmlessly.

Afterward Landon was asked how he felt.

“I felt pretty great,” Landon said, and with a smile added, “Something like a superhero without the cape.”

Well, it’s not exactly x-ray vision, but it’s still a nice ‘Good Deed For Free!’ Great work, Landon!

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