Patching Together A Good Deed For Free

Service Champions technician Steven arrived at a Santa Ana home to install a new water heater, but the client wanted to warn him about something right off the bat.

“Be careful near the steps because a lot of the stucco is stripping off the front part of the step,” she said.

Steven not only promised to be careful; he also promised to fix it!

“After this water heater is installed, I have some stucco patch in my truck from a previous job,” Steven said. “I can fix those cracks so no water will get in there and cause it to flake off more.”

Steven did exactly that, and then helped his client with two other things.

“The house had hard water, so I went ahead and cleaned out the aerators in all her sinks – it made for better water pressure,” Steven said. “She also mentioned she had a piece of paper jammed in her printer, and I was able to clear it and get it working again.”

The client was ecstatic to have all these nagging problems eliminated at no charge.Wow, Steven, way to serve your client with some excellent Good Deeds For Free!