Our Technician Gives A Ride

Our Technician Gives A Ride To Stressed-Out Client

Service Champions technician Johnny was at a Downey home doing a tune-up when he noticed some significant problems with the ductwork and insulation.

He explained it to the client, and they set up an appointment for a ductwork expert to come talk to her later that day. After the appointment was set, Johnny couldn’t help but notice that she seemed anxious about something.

“Is everything okay?” Johnny asked.

The homeowner explained that her car was in the shop and she needed to get it out before 5pm.

“My son can take me, but he doesn’t get off until later,” she said. “I want to keep this appointment, but I’m worried I can’t get my car and get back here in time.”

Johnny found out the shop was very close to her home.

“If that’s all it is, I could give you a ride to pick up your car,” Johnny told her.

“Wow, that would be great,” she said. “That would solve everything.”

Johnny got her to the mechanic’s shop, and she got her car.

“She was very appreciative,” Johnny said. “And I was happy that she was so happy.”

Johnny, thanks for being a problem solver – that’s another Good Deed For Free!