Homeowner Asks For Extra Help

Homeowner Asks For Extra Help… And Our Guys Get It Done (Of Course!)

Many times when we do Good Deeds For Free, it is something our technicians see themselves and offer to help. But sometimes our clients are ready for us with an idea for how we can help.

Such was the case when Service Champions technicians Andrew and Carlo visited a Huntington Beach home for a service call.

“The homeowner was ready for us,” Andrew said. “He asked if we could help him with something, and we told him of course – we’re the Good Deeds For Free company!”

The homeowner took them upstairs where he had a piece of plywood and a mini-fridge he wanted to get set-up.

“I want to move this fridge and put this plywood underneath it,” he told them.

In just a few minutes, Andrew and Carlo had everything set exactly as the homeowner wanted it.

“He was really happy,” Andrew said. “He told us he had been wanting to get this done for a while and just needed an extra hand.”

Great job Andrew and Carlo with another Good Deed For Free!