One Good Deed Wasn’t Enough For This Technician

When Service Champions technician Nick showed up to a Long Beach home for a furnace tune-up his customer wasn’t home.

Looking around and wondering what to do next, Nick spotted a friendly neighbor who explained that she had just dropped her neighbor—the customer—at a car dealership to pick up a new car, and that he should be home soon. For many, this kind of unexpected delay would have sparked irritation; for Nick it shouted opportunity.

“Can I take those trash cans back from the curb for you?” Nick asked the neighbor.

She seemed a bit confused but… sure, why not? She instantly turned from confused to happy when Nick explained Service Champions’ Good Deeds for Free philosophy.

Then, in a neat little twist, his kindness reminded her she needed her air conditioning unit looked at—so Nick handed her a coupon. You never know where a good deed is going to lead!

But Nick wasn’t done doing good deeds that day. Once his customer returned home, the tune-up was completed and Nick noticed a recessed light bulb had burned out.

“Hey, if you have an extra bulb, I can change that out for you,” Nick said. Yes, the customer did have a bulb, and was grateful that this good deed took care of his nagging problem.

“That light always goes out and it makes me mad,” the customer confided.

And in another neat twist, Nick discovered after he changed the bulb that the homeowner wasn’t physically able to do it himself. He had recently undergone back surgery and wasn’t able to climb ladders! When you take the time to offer even a small good deed, you never know how much you might be helping someone else.

Thanks Nick for spreading the Good Deeds philosophy—over and over again!