A Good Deed Blooms When This Technician Slows Down And Shows He Cares

The nice woman wanted to show him around her mobile home in Lake Forest. Service Champions technician John took her up on the offer. He always found that when he connected with the customer as a person, the job was more meaningful to him.

As she showed him around, she paused a bit longer at the small garden on the side of the home. John could tell that she loved this garden! He also noticed a small plumeria tree was drooping and on its way to dying.

A re-potting might fix the problem, but John knew it was too big for the customer to lift by herself. He also remembered she said she lived alone.

“You know, we do good deeds whenever possible,” John explained. He then pointed to the dying plant. “If you have another pot, I could replant that plumeria for you.”

Her eyes brightened. “Oh my… sure! That would be wonderful!”

John lifted up the pot. He managed to get it flipped over and then removed the small tree. He got it re-planted in a new pot and added fresh soil. He’d re-potted plants at his own home, so this was a breeze for John.

Several minutes later the tree was upright in its new home and looking healthier already!

“The plumeria is my favorite plant in my whole garden,” she told him. She was clearly thrilled and proud of her improved garden.

Another “Good Deed For Free” blooms! Thank you John for taking that extra time to notice what your customer cares about… and showing that you do, too!