Not Your Average Good Deed: Alert Technician Foils Robbery Attempt!

Service Champions technician Christian was halfway through a tune-up at a Paramount home and needed to grab his ladder to access the attic. He headed out to his van to get it and noticed someone walking down the street.

Christian looked at him to say hello, but the person wouldn’t make eye contact and was giving off a suspicious vibe.

The man walked straight for the house across the street. Because of how casual he acted as he approached the house, Christian thought at first maybe his suspicions were wrong. But then the man tried the side gate and it was locked.

Next, he went to the garage door and pulled on it and then tried the main gate. When he couldn’t get in any of those ways, he leaped the fence.

Now Christian was on high alert – this behavior just wasn’t adding up.

He returned to his client’s home and described the situation. It definitely didn’t match what she knew of her neighbor. She called 911, and Christian gave her a description to give the police.

But just then the neighbor came home and pulled into the driveway! Christian knew immediately this could turn into a dangerous situation and ran to tell the neighbor the situation. He invited him back across the street to wait for the police.

The police arrived minutes later, but the man had escaped. “I think he saw me warn the man in the driveway and that scared him off.”

Even though the would-be robber wasn’t apprehended, everyone was grateful to Christian for his alert actions and for keeping the neighbor out of harm’s way.

Christian, thank you so much for that special Good Deed For Free – you really saved the day with that one!