Homeowner Impressed By This ‘Sharp-As-A-Blade’ Technician

Service Champions technician Michael was talking with a homeowner in Cypress as he worked to complete a tune-up.

“I was explaining to him that I enjoy taking things apart, figuring out how they work, and then getting them fixed,” Michael said.

This sparked an idea for the homeowner, and he put out a friendly challenge to Michael. “Well, if you like to take things apart and fix them, would you want to take a look at my electronic razor?”

Sure, Michael would be glad to. “What’s the issue with it?”

“I tried cleaning it and now it is not working like it is supposed to,” the homeowner told Michael. “It isn’t closing right.”

After giving it a careful inspection, Michael figured out the problem.

“There’s supposed to be three sets of blades in here, but there’s only two. Is it possible one dropped out when you cleaned it?”

A quick search turned up the missing blades in a bathroom drawer.

Now that Michael had all the parts, he cleaned them up and got everything snapped back together the right way. In all, it only took about five minutes to fix, but the man was thrilled.

“Wow, thanks, I was going to go buy a new one and now I don’t have to!” the homeowner said.

Michael, challenge accepted, challenge accomplished! Thanks for another Good Deed For Free!