When Do You Need an AC Repair?

When you experience a hiccup with the central air system, there can be worry that an AC repair is necessary. Though procrastinating on an AC repair is a terrible idea, not every problem you have requires a full air conditioning repair. There are many smaller problems you can solve at home.

When the air isn’t cold enough…

It can be because of:

  • Refrigerant Leaks

The supply of refrigerant within the AC system never needs to be refilled. It is contained within a closed circuit and recycles itself with every session of heating and air conditioning.

Refrigerant leaks can happen, though they are uncommon. Leaks deplete the supply of refrigerant, making air conditioning less impactful. This is an urgent AC repair. If you suspect a leak, contact your HVAC specialist for immediate help.

  • Low Pressure in the Condenser Unit

The refrigerant contained in the closed circuit needs to be under a certain amount of pressure in order to move forward and backward. When the pressure slips, air conditioning does not feel cold as it used to. Though this is not technically a repair, you do need the assistance of your AC technician. He or she can also run a few tests to ensure that the right pressure has been achieved.

When the AC system won’t turn on…


It can be because of:

  • Insufficient Power

More often than not, a simple issue such as power supply will keep the AC system from working. Reset the breaker for the power to kick in. Unless you keep returning to this method, no AC repair is needed.

  • Bad Wiring

Disconnected wires or corroded wires will disable the AC system and trip safety switches. If you have pets or rodents, it is possible that they chewed through the wires. Your AC contractor will need to replace and rework the wires related to the central air system.

  • General Uncleanliness

When the internal part of the central air system collects enough dirt, it can be hard for air to pass through. With enough resistance and stress placed on the central air, the system shuts down.

Though you can’t be sure that uncleanliness caused the breakdown, your HVAC technician can. He or she will begin with an evaluation and proceed with AC maintenance. When the specific source of the problem is found, then the AC repair will be made.

No matter the condition of your central air system, it is a good idea to practice air filter hygiene. Replace the air filter regularly to help keep indoor air clean.

Top Quality AC Repair with Service Champions

At Service Champions we make only the necessary repairs and work to prevent any more from coming your way.

To ensure top quality AC repairs through efficient service methods, we train each year for 150 hours in our own facility.

To have a Service Champions technician for your AC repair, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center. You can also book an appointment online at your convenience.

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