Cool Good Deed Makes For A Cooler Home

Usually when Service Champions makes a home more cool and comfortable, it has to do with air conditioning. But during a recent service call at a La Mirada home, technician Andrew found a different way to help his customer stay cooler.

Andrew had completed the service, but as always, he asked if there was something more he could do.

In this case, the customer had something she was really frustrated with, but wasn’t sure if Andrew could help.

She had a sun blind that was supposed to be mounted on the outside of her home to block the sunlight from her large living room window. The room really got warm because of that huge window!

Her sons had been meaning to get to it for her, but that hadn’t happened yet and it had been sitting uninstalled for some time.

Andrew knew he could do this and sprang into action.

He grabbed his ladder and tools. It was a pretty good-sized blind, but Andrew is very handy and had it installed in about 20 minutes.

The customer was very appreciative and told Andrew how happy she was with Service Champions service and attitude.

Cool deed, Andrew. And now a cooler living room, too! Great job on that ‘Good Deed For Free!’

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