Military First-Aid Training Comes In Handy

As Service Champions technician James pulled up to a house in Newport Beach, he saw his customer standing outside waiting for him… with a bleeding foot!

James was there to show the customer more about his new thermostat, but that was quickly put aside to focus on the foot.

“What happened?” James asked him.

The homeowner had seen a beetle on the sidewalk and was trying to brush him off with his foot instead of stepping on it. Unfortunately, he caught his foot on the cement sidewalk and gashed it.

The customer had slowed the bleeding with some toilet paper, but James could see it was still bleeding and needed more attention. Luckily, James had some excellent first-aid training when he was in the Air Force.

James got the customer to sit down and elevate his right foot. He then went to quickly retrieve the first-aid kit in his service vehicle. After putting on some latex gloves, he got the foot wrapped in gauze and bandages.

James advised the customer he should see a doctor to make sure he didn’t get an infection. The homeowner said he would be going to see the doctor tomorrow. He thanked James for his quick and caring assistance.

James, we’re glad you were there with your training and compassionate attitude! Another excellent Good Deed For Free!

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