This Good Deed Is Going Straight To The Top Of The Charts

Service Champions technician Steven was in a Huntington Beach home when his customer made an off-hand remark about the new record player she had just bought. She had been really excited to start playing her old records again… but it wasn’t working.

“I’m just going to take it back,” she said.

Steven asked what the problem was. The customer explained that when she put the needle down, it just skated right across the record.

Steven noticed the instructions right next to the record player and thought it wouldn’t hurt to see if he could do something.

“If you’d like, I could take a quick look at it for you,” Steven said.

As Steven looked at the directions and the customer showed him what was happening, Steven realized the needle still had a little white plastic cap on. The cap protects the needle during packing and shipping, but needs removed before it can operate.

Steven popped off the plastic cap, dropped the needle on the vinyl… and out came beautiful music!

The customer was happy to be groovin’ again! No return necessary. Best of all, the homeowner continued playing records while Steven went about his service work… so he got to enjoy some rocking tunes, too!

Steven, taking the time to listen to your customer and help her solve a problem makes this a chart-topping Good Deed! Way to go!

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