‘He Made Me Coffee… That Was His Good Deed Back To Me’

One of the best things about ‘Good Deeds For Free’ are the connections they create. We’ve seen it happen time and time again. Good Deeds open up conversations and create genuine appreciation. Sometimes they even boomerang back to us with a Good Deed in return!

This is what happened when our technician James was at an Anaheim home for a service call. The customers had been re-arranging their living room but there was one piece of furniture that had brought the whole process to a standstill. Would James mind helping them?

The problem was a couch and love seat combination made from big, heavy oak. Suffice to say it was one large piece of furniture!

The husband had a respiratory issue and it was too large for the wife to move, so James saw how he could help. He asked them where they wanted it, and then to their amazement, James just went ahead and did it all by himself.

“It was pretty heavy,” James said.

But he added with a laugh, “I told them I had my Wheaties today, so I can do it!”

Other Good Deeds

James enjoyed talking with them, too. “They were so genuine,” James said. “They were soft spoken and they had great stories about their family.”

The homeowners were so appreciative that while the wife was thanking James, the husband snuck out to the kitchen and made James some coffee. James was grateful to receive this kind gesture.

“It was nice that he made me coffee,” James said. “It was almost like he was saying ‘here’s my Good Deed back to you.’”

James, great job! A Good Deed done, and a Good Deed received in return!

Good Deeds In The Community

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