Technician Saves Customers Money Any Way He Can

One of Service Champions main philosophies is that when you have your heating and air conditioning units serviced on a regular basis, you save money. Well-maintained units last longer and run more efficiently.

But Service Champions technician Omar tries to take it a step further. He is always on the lookout for Good Deeds that could save his customers even more.

“Since our whole goal when we do a tune-up is to save the customer money, I try to find ways to do it in other ways, too,” Omar says. When he was at a busy home in Orange, he saw an opportunity to do just that.

He was there for an A/C tune-up and there was another company there cleaning out the sewer line. He also found out that the husband, wife, and son were all police officers with hectic schedules. Busy place!

During the service, Omar was in the basement and the laundry was going. He could tell by the sound of the dryer that it was not operating correctly. In fact, it sounded like a heavy amount of lint was blocking the dryer vent.

Other Good Deeds

Omar knew that a simple fix could save the customer lots of time and money. When he removed the dryer hosing, he found it was completely blocked.

He showed the wad he had pulled out of the vent to the homeowner. She was amazed at the amount of blockage!

“You’re dryer is going to run a whole lot differently now,” Omar told her. “You won’t have to run it nearly as long to get the clothes dry.”

Omar knows how busy his customer’s lives are and he loves to find Good Deeds that make their lives easier. These customers sure appreciated Omar taking care of this for them!

Omar, way to go! Keep up those Good Deeds!