3 Safety Tips Before You Turn On The Heater

Before you turn on the heater, follow the three safety tips below. Just by including a few steps into your home care routine, you can help your central air system deliver wonderful heating.

Attic Heater / Furnace

Safety Tip #1: Remove Any Flammable Material Around the Heater

Clean Furnace Closet

Clean Heater Closet

In most homes, heaters / furnaces are kept in the garage. However, in condominiums and apartments, furnaces are installed in a closet. In smaller homes, such as apartment, HVAC technicians often find the heater / furnace closet doubling as a supply closet. This can be dangerous as flammable material such as paper towels, paint cans, gasoline and other objects are kept near the furnace. Before setting the thermostat for heating, remove any object or material that can catch on fire.

Also try cleaning the heater before you turn on the heater. Even a surface level wipe down can help remove excess debris and dust that can interfere with the heating process. When there is buildup inside of the furnace, it can cause a host of problems, using more energy than necessary and overheating.

Safety Tip #2: Replace The Air Filter

Filter Replacement

Filter Replacement

Replace the air filter before you turn on the heater. The air filter is the first device indoor air encounters in the heating process. The filter is responsible for catching airborne particles and germs, keeping the air quality high. Whenever the filter is full, it should be replaced.

This is important to do because a dirty filter creates resistance, causing the furnace to work harder. With less air able to pass into the furnace, heating is not as efficient and energy is used in all the wrong places.

Replacing the filter is easy to do. Simply determine what type of furnace model you have and the filter size you need. Though it depends how often you use the furnace, air filters generally should be replaced twice a year.

Safety Tip #3: Clear the Flue Pipe

Flue Pipe

This is a flue pipe

The flue pipe is the pipe used to move fumes that result from the fire inside the furnace. It is essential in protecting the health of the people inside the home. If the flue pipe is clogged or cracked, it must be taken care of immediately. Otherwise, carbon monoxide may result, seeping into the home.

The best way to prevent this is to have a professional examine your furnace. Your heating technician can make any necessary furnace repairs to restore the safety and efficiency of the heating system. Continuing to use the furnace despite needed repairs only results in more expensive replacements and service calls. Before you need to use the furnace for heating, have your technicians visit for a consultation.

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