Little Tube Of Glue Helps Technician Cements Relationship With His Client

Service Champions technician Jaime was on a service call in Ontario to check on a faulty thermostat.

As he approached the home, Jamie noticed a piece of PVC pipe leaning against the house.

The homeowner said that the pipe had fallen off the roof during high winds.

“They knew the pipe had fallen off the roof and but had no idea what it was from,” Jamie said. “So I said, ‘Let me go look at it.’”

Jamie grabbed his ladder, the PVC pipe and climbed up to the roof.

It didn’t take long for Jamie to figure out where the mysterious pipe had come from. It was a drainage pipe from the homeowner’s air conditioning system.

“The system was a rooftop unit and with the broken pipe, water was just spilling onto the roof,” Jaime said.

Upon closer inspection, Jamie discovered that none of the joints on the drainage pipes had been glued correctly by the company that installed the system.

“Every time I re-glued, one of the pipes, another one would fall off,” Jaime said. “The installation wasn’t done well. They never glued any of it, so I just had to go through the whole line and glue it right.”

Jamie descended down the ladder and let the customer know the situation had been resolved.

The homeowner couldn’t have been more pleased.

“She was happy about it,” Jamie said. “She said, ‘I’m so glad I called you guys!’”

And we’re happy we have Jaime willing to go the extra mile to do a Good Deeds For Free – thanks Jaime!