Technician Helps Keep Client Out Of A “Hairy” Situation

Service Champions technician Jesus was in South El Monte wrapping up a tune-up.

Jesus could kind of sense the client wanted to ask him something, but maybe was too shy to come out with her question.

So he just asked, “What’s up – is there anything I can do for you?”

As it happened, there was. The client’s mom had gifted her some car seat protectors to keep dog hair off the seats.

“The problem is I haven’t been able to figure out how to install them,” the client explained. “I heard you guys did Good Deeds For Free, and I didn’t know if you were good at working with cars.”

Jesus smiled. “Of course I can help you. I’m pretty handy and I work on my car all the time.”

Jesus got right to work and saw the problem.

“The seat protectors had Velcro on them, which should have made it easy. But it was just kind of hard because you had to get your hand underneath the seat and there wasn’t much room,” Jesus said.

But with a nudge here and a nudge there, it wasn’t long until Jesus had coaxed the seat protectors into place.

“I was able to install them for her, and once they were on, they fit perfectly, which was lucky,” Jesus said.

The homeowner couldn’t have been more pleased.

“She was very happy. She was like, “Thank you! My mom’s going to be very happy to see her gift is being used,’” Jesus said.

Jesus, thank you for another superb Good Deed For Free!