Why Your Home Needs an Air Scrubber in The New Year

We’re only weeks away from 2020! Why not give yourself a treat for the new year? The gift of amazing indoor air quality. Though it may not seem like much, your indoor air quality can a significant impact on your day to day living and overall health. Take care of yourself, and your home in the new year, invest in an air scrubber!

Cut Through Strong Food and Kitchen Smells

all know nothing smells better than a fresh cooked meal; but, what about after? Do you still want the smell lingering once the dishes are done and everyone is off to bed? If your answer is no, an air scrubber can clear the smell. By adding an extra layer of air filtration, the air scrubber lives up to its name. It clears any odors from inside your home.

Kill Any Hidden Bacteria

Air scrubbers have gone through rigorous testing, and it’s been clinically proven that the scrubber is effective at removing dust, mold, pollen, and 99% of all surface and airborne contaminates. If left unchecked, polluted indoor air can cause headaches, fatigue, sinus irritation, and even respiratory disease. An air scrubber also makes a huge different if you’re battling allergies. By clearing the air of outside pollutants and bacteria, you can breathe easy without any complication.

Your Home is Easier to Clean

We all like to keep a clean home, and an air scrubber can help. As air is purified by the scrubber, dust particles will clump together; making them easier to see and clean. Sometimes, after an air scrubber is first installed, a house cold look dirtier; that’s only because stray dust particles are clumping together; which stops them from spreading.

Clears the Air of Indoor Pollutants

Indoor air polluters are hiding in every room. From your stove, to your dry shampoo; they’re all coming for your clean air. Even scented candles can contribute to indoor air pollution. The best way to keep your air free from indoor pollutants is with an air scrubber. As air is filtered through your HVAC system, an air scrubber will give it an extra clean from light waves and a special catalytic process that produces ions which remove dust particles.

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