What to Know When Calling a Pro

Especially when you have never had the need to call a HVAC contractor before, selecting the right company can be difficult. While there are a lot of companies to choose from, how do you know you’re selecting one that is trustworthy and will do the job right?

There are still several key things you should always be looking for when choosing a new contractor. Here are just a few:

  • Certifications Make sure your contractor is licensed and certified. Licensing is typically determined by the state in which the business is located although not all states require HVAC contractors be licensed. Appropriate licenses and certifications demonstrate the business has met the outlined operating standards and that you are getting a qualified technician.
  • Longevity How long has the contractor been in business? Knowing the history of a company can tell you a lot about a business. It’s pretty safe to say the longer a company has been in business in your area, the better for you. Businesses that have been around for several years or more often bring much more experience and knowledge to the services they provide.
  • Reviews & Recommendations Do your own background checks. With so many review websites available on the Internet, it’s easy to uncover what other customers are saying about a business by searching online. When you read online reviews, be sure to read both the good and bad. Consider what each person is saying and judge for yourself whether or not their concerns should add weight to your decision to hire a particular company.
  • Guarantees When a business offers warranties and guarantees on their products and services that means they stand behind their work. When it comes to your home and comfort, guaranteed peace of mind is of the utmost importance.

Choosing the right contractor can be challenging at times. Protect your home and your pocketbook by evaluating a company fully before choosing to do business with them.

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