If My System Is Covered Under Warranty, Why Do I Need a Maintenance Contract?

It’s not uncommon for homeowners to purchase a new furnace or air conditioner and opt out of extended warrantiesand maintenance contracts. Typically, naïve assumptions and misunderstandings about manufacturer warranties are the main reasons behind such decisions. Understanding the warranties that come with your unit and the role maintenance plays is important in making an educated choice that often translates into cost-savings for you.

Understanding Warranties

While every manufacturer’s warranty is different, generally speaking they do share some similarities. First, since manufacturers can’t control how their equipment is installed, you won’t ever see a combined parts and labor warranty that extends for the life of the unit. Typically warranties offered by the manufacturer will only cover parts, and are only honored if a licensed HVAC contractor has determined the part’s failure was caused by a manufacturer defect. This means if your unit isn’t installed correctly, or not serviced by a professional, your warranty can be void.

Additionally, parts warranties typically only cover major elements and do not cover air filters, fan belts, lubrication, electrical wiring or other similar components. Homeowners are expected to assume responsibility for the maintenance of these parts on their own. If the system fails due to lack of upkeep, again, your manufacturer warranty will be void. Certain expert HVAC contractors offer extended parts and labor warranties. When combined with the original manufacturer warranty, homeowners can see a great deal in long-term savings and enjoy many other benefits.

The Role of Maintenance

After understanding the basics of what is covered by your manufacturer’s warranty, it’s easy to see why regular professional maintenance is so important. Most warranties are only applicable if a certified HVAC technician services your unit. This means you must take steps to see that your heating and cooling system is properly cared for on a regular basis. Doing so not only keeps the warranty valid, but also helps you avoid the hassle of unexpected breakdowns and the need for what would otherwise be unnecessary repairs.

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