Inside the Homes of Heater Contractors

Heater contractors visit thousands of homes every year to service ailing central air systems. Many homeowners are curious how heater contractors care for their own heating systems.

Since heater contractors spend most of their time providing specialized HVAC care, they do have certain built-in habits that allow for better heating and air conditioning.

If you were to visit the home of heater contractors, here is what you might find.

The Thermostat is Always On

Heater contractors understand the concept of “heat load.” Heat load refers to the amount and temperature of the air inside the home.

On a bright summer day, the home may grow stuffy and hot. Indoor temperature can reach triple digits. Vice versa, on cold nights the temperature drops far below what might be considered comfortable. Either way, it requires hard work to for your central air to reach the desired temperature.

Instead, heater contractors keep the thermostat on, even when they are not home. The trick is to leave it just a few degrees lower or higher, depending on whether you want to heat or cool.

For example, in the dead of winter, your home temperature might drop to 60 degrees, but your family likes the heating on at 70. Heater contractors leave the home with the thermostat set to 65 or 67 degrees. This way, the central air keeps the air in the home warm enough so that when they return home, the central air does not have to overwork to reach 70 again.

This tactic helps use energy efficiently. It also removes stress from the central air because the system is used gently.

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Air Vents and Registers are in the Clear

While the average homeowner complains about poor air conditioning, heater contractors are active to help the process along. This means moving sofas and tables away from the registers and air vents. Clearing these areas allow for maximum airflow, both in and out of the central air system.

They also keep these areas clean. Heater contractors know that particles and germs can easily contaminate air supply and dirty the central air system.

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Heating Maintenance is Already Scheduled

Heater contractors also have their furnace maintenance scheduled. Twice a year, these maintenance calls save enormous repair costs and prevent permanent damages.

Heater contractors also adjust their usage patterns according to the aging process of the central air system. This makes room for energy efficiency despite an aging system. In addition, with heating maintenance they get to skip pricy replacements.

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