How Well Does The 20x25x5 Air Filter Work?

The 20x25x5 air filter is among the best of all air filters. While most homeowners do not think twice about air filter care, it is very important. In fact, simply caring for air filters a few times a year, homeowners:

· Improve home comfort

· Upgrade indoor air quality

· Help their central air system last longer

· Help their central air system work better

· Cut down on excess energy spending

· Enjoy better air conditioning and heating

What can your 20x25x5 air filter do?

Your 20x25x5 Air Filters Clean Indoor Air of Harmful Junk

Indoor air is up to five times more polluted and harmful than outdoor air. In fact, poor indoor air quality is so common, it is recognized as a top-five health risk by the United States EPA.

What causes indoor air quality to grow worse?

· Too many sources for airborne particles and bacteria

· Poor ventilation that fails to dilute pollution

· High temperatures

· Incorrect humidity levels

There are sources for indoor air pollution all throughout the home. Among all indoor sources for indoor air pollution, the worse include:

· Air fresheners and candles

· Furniture

· Ink-jet printers

How can homeowners improve indoor air quality? Every time they turn on the heating and air conditioning, all indoor air must cycle through the air filter. Fortunately, 20x25x5 air filter capture up to 50 percent of all indoor air particles and germs. So each time homeowners use heating and air conditioning, their home air is cleaned of particles as long as the 20x25x5 air filter is in good form.

20x25x5 air filters are among the best air filters homeowners can use. Because they have greater depth (five inches), they offer more surface area to capture more particles over an extended period of time. This means that they require less maintenance and attention than thinner air filters, last longer and work better.

What kind of particles and pathogens will homeowners find inside their dirty 20x25x5 air filters?

· Dust and dust mites

· Hair and dander

· Smokes and emissions

· Gasses, vapors and odors

· Fecal matter and organic waste

· VOCs

· Microbiological growth

· Textile and carpet fibers

The best way to protect indoor air quality is to first reduce the number of sources for pollution inside the home. Then, utilize the heating and air conditioning so that the 20x25x5 air filter captures airborne particles. Be sure that your filter is clean and healthy.

Your 20x25x5 Air Filters Protect the Furnace and Air Conditioner from Expenses

In the same way 20x25x5 air filters help protect indoor air quality, they help protect the furnace and air conditioner equipment. The average central air system should last between 10 to 15 years with regular maintenance. Regular care and maintenance include changing out dirty air filters for clean ones.

Because the sheer cost of new central air systems are so high, it is in the best interest of homeowners to care for their existing systems now. Caring for and properly using 20x25x5 air filters actually makes a significant impact.

The same particles and germs that pollute home air and reduce home comfort are the particles and germs that destroy the central air system.

Tough and stubborn buildup cakes around motors and wires, creating heavy resistance. Water collecting around evaporator coils and condensate lines causes microbiological growth. Leaks and holes create opportunity for more debris to enter the system.

Eventually, homeowners face enormous repairs charges and permanent damages.

Some of the most costly repairs include those for:

· Fire exchangers

· Flame sensors

· Thermostats

· Blower motors

Using clean 20x25x5 air filters easily prevents all this trouble.

With clean air filters, the central air system is relieved of buildup, cleaner and healthier. Because all indoor air does pass through the furnace and air conditioner, the health of the equipment affects the health of home, too.

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Your 20x25x5 Air Filters Help Improve Energy Spending

20x25x5 air filters help improve energy efficiency. The average homeowner who uses clean air filters throughout the year sees a 15 percent decrease in energy spending for heating and air conditioning. This is because air filters keep the air and heating equipment clean for smooth operation. Without particles slowing operation and causing problems, nothing but air is heated and cooled. air filters help the central air system use energy wisely, so that homeowners get the most heating and cooling for what they spend. Clean 20x25x5 air filters also help keep heating and air conditioning performance reliable.

How often do homeowners need to change their air filters to receive all the benefits? It really depends on the home and personal preferences. However, as a rule of thumb, because 20x25x5 air filters are stronger than most air filters, most homeowners only use two to three 20x25x5 air filters a year. In comparison to one-inch air filters that need to be changed on a monthly basis, air filters are extremely low-maintenance.

Aside from filter sizes, homeowners need to consider a number of other factors when determining how often to change 20x25x5 air filters.

· Housekeeping habits

Skipping out on sweeping the floors inevitably impacts indoor air quality. Dusty blinds and vents also do not help, especially if the air conditioner cycles. Moving air blows particles throughout the house, making indoor air pollution not only worse but also more noticeable.

Keeping the home as clean as possible is a method to minimizing waste. It helps air filters work better on smaller particles, protects home comfort and the central air system.

· Number and sources of indoor air pollutants

Is the home fitted with carpet and drapes? Or are the floors made of wood? Is the home insulated from leaks and holes? The home presents countless opportunities for indoor air pollution. In order to help improve indoor air quality and remove stress placed on 20x25x5 air filters, reduce the number of sources for indoor air pollutants.

· Number of people or pets in the home

With each additional person comes another load of particles and germs brought in from outside. Animals are especially tricky to deal with when it comes to indoor pollution. They track in all sorts of critters, debris, dander and pollen.

· Personal health conditions and preferences

Those with seasonal allergies, asthma, as well as children and the elderly require cleaner healthier air to be productive and healthy. Dirty air is known to aggravate respiratory sensitivities. It is another important reason to change out 20x25x5 air filters frequently.

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