Myths and Truths of Your Air Condition System

Air Condition System

Since typical homeowners know so little about their air condition system, many untruths can grow out of worry and suspicion. Though there can be a number of unusual problems you can encounter, some are simply myths.

Refrigerant needs to be refilled

Contrary to popular belief, refrigerant does not need to be refilled. This particular gas is contained in a closed circuit.

If ever it does need to be refilled, it is due to a refrigerant leak. Trauma from the outside causes punctures and holes to the refrigerant tubes. Though uncommon, it can happen.

Refrigerant is necessary to properly heat and cool the air. If you notice that your air is not as cold as usual, it may be because the pressure inside the condenser unit has changed.

Your AC specialist can better diagnose the problem with an evaluation. If it does concern the pressure of the condenser unit, he or she can properly reset it to restore high quality air conditioning.

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Microbiological growth can be present inside the air condition system

There are several places where condensation happens within the air condition system. As a result, microbiological growth is actually quite common. Unfortunately, this does affect your indoor air quality.

Regular air condition maintenance helps scrub microbiological growth away and keeps your air condition system clean and free of germs. Common areas for growth include the evaporator coils and drip pans.

Also be sure that your condensate lines are properly positioned to an external location. Otherwise, water can pool in one place. This can lead not only to microbiological growth and mildew but more dangerous situations as electricity is nearby.

Air Conditioner Fan Not Working

Parts of the air condition system can freeze

The ac system can freeze over. Usually, this occurs when the air filter has not been replaced in a long time or if motors have stopped working.

The air condition system works by first pushing indoor air through the air filter. This removes any particles. Next, the air travels over the evaporator coils that have been charged with compressed refrigerant. As the air passes over the coils, it is conditioned to the temperature wanted.

When the air filter is dirty, less air can pass through it allowing less air over the coils. With not enough room temperature air to condition, the evaporator coils ice over.

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Trust Your Air Condition System to Service Champions

Air condition systems require regular attention. Otherwise, they end up as a huge liability. To save yourself the costs of money and trouble, have the best HVAC specialist to your home.

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the most qualified AC provider. Our teams train each year for 150 hours so that your air condition system receives the most advanced care possible.

Most importantly, we will reach your satisfaction with our excellent technical service. To schedule an appointment for your air condition system, speak to one of our helpful representatives in our call center. You can also book online at your convenience.