How To Care For The Home Heater

The average home heater is built to last up to 20 years. With proper care and usage habits, anyone get all 20 years of service from the heater.

Keep The Home Heater Clean

The heater is easy to forget since it’s tucked away in a closet out of sight. But in order to keep the home heater lasting long and working strong, it needs care. The best type care of homeowners can provide is keeping the heater clean.

Dust, buildup and other obstruction, both inside and outside the heater, causes all sorts of problems. Many homeowners often pack storage items beside the furnace. Unfortunately, this move is both unsafe and unclean. Materials like cardboard boxes and cleaning solutions pollute indoor air quality. They also mix with heater activity. Remember, every time the heater runs, gas and fire are ignited. Adding the potential of cleaning agents is unsafe for the air and environment.

To clean the home heater:

· Remove all obstruction away from the heater closet, vents, registers and outdoor condenser unit.

· Take a damp cloth and wipe down only the outside of the heater system.

· Keep yard waste away from the outdoor condenser unit.

While these cleaning tips may seem futile, they do keep extra dirt and dust from building up inside the heater. In addition, it reduces the amount of dust swept up into the air whenever the home heater runs.

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Listen To The Home Heater

The heater makes many different noises. Many of them are normal in everyday operation. However, there are some noises and sounds that signal growing problems within the heater. Homeowners are encouraged to listen to the heater cycles and note any unusual sounds.

These noises include:

· Rattles

· Clicks and taps

· Bangs

· Thumps

· Cackles

As a rule of thumb, when homeowners find their heaters making any noises, they should call for HVAC maintenance.

While the noises themselves don’t do much other than bother, they can point to technical trouble.

Have The Home Heater Maintained

Every HVAC contractor recommends heater maintenance because it is the most important factor in elongating service lifespan. Heaters that are professionally maintained routinely outlast those that do not.

Home heater maintenance includes:

· Removal of tough buildup and microbiological growth

· Safety checks and tests

· Total system evaluation

· Technical adjustments

Home heaters that receive maintenance twice a year reduce the potential risk for permanent damages and expensive repairs by 90 percent. As a result, homeowners save money and time. Most importantly, the home heater lasts beyond its years.

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