Heating and Air Units

Central air units can be mysteries to some homeowners. While most of the time central air units provide the heating and air conditioning we want, sometimes they misbehave. 

Here are the two most common problems homeowners experience with their heating and air units, and what can be done about them.

Dirty Air from Central Air Units

The central air system cycles the air inside the home. When that happens, the airflow picks up thousands of particles like dust, pet hair, dander and even bacteria. To strain all these particles out of the air, there is an air filter within heating and air units. However, these air filters do fill up.

Dirty air filters should be replaced. The frequency depends on the home, but for most, twice a year should do it.

When homeowners don’t replace or clean full air filters, air grows dirtier. Replacing the air filter is rather simple and can be done right at home without an HVAC technician. However, if you do experience consistently low indoor air quality, there may be a bigger issue that does require the attention of a heating and air specialist.

High Energy Spending

When the energy bill is higher than usual, or constantly rising, it’s a good sign that something is wrong, and it may do with the central air system.

The heating and air units spend more energy to heat and cool the home for a number of reasons.

First, the heating and air units may be the wrong size for your home. There are specific ways specialists measure and match heating and air units to each individual home. If the previous homeowners made a mistake in calculations, it may be time to be re-matched for the correct sized heating and air units.

Second, the heat load inside the home may be too great for your central air system. There might also be leaks and cracks in the home that contribute to heat loss or gain. This causes the heating and air units to work overtime to make up for lost heating and air conditioning.

Third, your central air system may be due for maintenance. Dirty and neglected heating and air units routinely spend more energy for the same amount of air conditioning. This is because they have to work through grime and buildup as well as poor connections and weak equipment.

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