Happy Coincidence: The Exact Right Technician For This Good Deed!

Service Champions technicians Steven and Tyler were finishing up an air conditioning repair at an Irvine home. As they were getting ready to go, Steven noticed the homeowner at his front door struggling with a lock.

The homeowner had been working on the deadbolt lock for about 30 minutes and was clearly getting frustrated. Steven offered to help and stepped in to give it a try.

That’s when Tyler noticed what was going on, and suddenly it was one of those ‘right place, right time’ moments!

“Hey, I used to work on locks professionally,” Tyler told them. “I can take a look at that for you.”

Other Good Deeds

Tyler knew just what to do. He could see that the bolt was getting blocked by the wood and was able to use the drill and a few adjustments to get the lock in perfect shape.

Now the bolt was sliding in and out smoothly and the customer was thrilled to have his deadbolt operating again. His wife found out that it was fixed and was ecstatic, too!

“Oh my gosh, thank you so much!” she said.

Steven was quick to give all the credit to Tyler and his locksmithing skills. “Tyler is the one that saved the day.”

Thank you Steven and Tyler for taking extra time and making this customer’s home more secure. That’s an awesome Good Deed!

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