Good Advice: Don’t Put Nail Polish In The Microwave!

Service Champions technician Guillermo was up on the roof of a Riverside home. He had finished up a tune-up on a unit up there, and was now cleaning solar panels.

Guillermo knew they needed cleaning from an earlier conversation with the homeowner. She has said that a relative usually came over to clean them, but that hadn’t happened for some time.

Guillermo figured as long as he was up there anyway, he might as well take care of it for his customer, as a Good Deed For Free.

But things got a little more interesting as Guillermo climbed down from the roof to ask the customer to sign the tune-up paperwork. He was also going to tell her that the solar panels were now clean.

Instead of finding the homeowner, he was shocked to come into a roomful of smoke and the smell of burning rubber. Guillermo’s first thought was, “Oh my gosh, did something happen with the unit I just serviced?” He thought about returning to the roof to double-check, but he quickly realized that wasn’t it.

As it turned out, the homeowner had put nail polish in the microwave. Apparently, the polish was very stiff and this was a way to loosen it. But that didn’t work out too well. The red nail polish that went into the microwave had come out black!

Other Good Deeds

Guillermo’s customer returned to the room and was upset with herself, calling it “the dumbest thing ever!” But she was happy that Guillermo helped her get the house ventilated by setting up a fan and opening windows.

Then Guillermo said two things to the customer. For one, he had cleaned her solar panels. She was thrilled, and Guillermo explained about Good Deeds for Free.

The other thing Guillermo told her? Putting the nail polish bottle in hot water would be a better choice to loosen it!

She agreed with a smile.

Guillermo, you were a super Good Deed-er that day! Thanks for your hard work and keep it up!

Good Deeds In The Community

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