After A Half-Hour Search, Technician Finds Visually-Impaired Customer’s Keys

Service Champions technician Eric was at a home in Buena Park for a service call when his customer asked “do you see my keys anywhere?”

The request took on a little more urgency because the homeowner couldn’t see after a recent cataract surgery didn’t go well.

Eric didn’t see them in plain sight anywhere. But he decided to do a more thorough search because he knew it would be a real problem for the customer to find on her own because of her visual impairment.

Eric looked high. Eric looked low. On shelves. Under furniture. It went on for 30 minutes, but without success.

“I said to myself, ‘one more time around.’” This time Eric found them under the couch – a place he’d already looked. He just hadn’t seen them the first time around.

Wow, the customer was very relieved and very happy!

Eric was glad he took the extra time to do the search because it would have been almost impossible for the homeowner to find the keys herself under the couch. He could also tell the customer was very stressed out about the situation.

“After I found them, she said, ‘I guess the Good Deeds is not a gimmick!’” Eric said.

Eric, thanks for putting in the extra effort on this special treasure hunt and “finding” yet another way to do a ‘Good Deed For Free’!

Good Deeds In The Community

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