This Good Deed Took Some Time, But Customer’s Ecstatic Reaction Made It All Worthwhile!

Service Champions technician Steven was on a repair call at an Ontario home and he noticed a brand-new washing machine sitting in the living room.

“I really love this centerpiece you have here in your living room,” he joked with the homeowner.

She laughed and said, “Yeah, my brother has been saying he’ll come over to help me install it.”

“What, it’s been here for a couple of days?” he asked.

No, it had actually been months.

Steven was also surprised that the company that delivered it didn’t install it.

She told Steven her old washer still worked for now, but she got the new one on sale. Steven decided he would help her out.

“You know what? We do Good Deeds For Free, so I can set it up for you.”

He ran into some bumps along the way. He had trouble disconnecting the old washer. He also ended up having to temporarily remove a door to fit the new washer into the garage. But Service Champions technicians finish what they start!

It took about 45 minutes, but Steven had everything connected up and working with the new washer, and the old washer was at the curb ready to be hauled away. Including the time he spent on the service call, Steven was at the house for 4 hours. You might think Steven was frustrated that it took so long, but that wasn’t the case at all.

“She was so ECSTATIC that her new washer was installed, it was great,” Steven said. She said she thought the ‘Good Deeds For Free’ was more promotional than real, but now she knew it was true.

“It was really nice to see her so stoked… just so happy,” Steven said.

Steven, that’s going above and beyond for a ‘Good Deed For Free’ – awesome job!

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