American Flag Flies A Little Higher & Prouder Thanks To This Technician

Service Champions technician Austin was at an Anaheim home when his customer happened to mention she was frustrated with how her American flag was flying.

It was attached to a plastic holder mounted on an awning above her garage. The holder had lost some of its tension and was no longer gripping the flag pole tightly.

The flag drooped and no longer looked right blowing in the breeze. In fact, it was low enough that sometimes she would accidently walk into it!

Austin took charge of the situation.

“You know what?” Austin said. “I’ve got a ladder in my truck and I can take care of that for you right now.”

He set up his ladder and up he went. Austin was able to tighten the tension so the flagpole was gripped tighter. The flag went up higher and now would snap pleasantly in the breeze.

The homeowner was thrilled to have her flag proudly waving again.

“Now you can see the flag much better,” she said. “Instead of it hanging down, it waves like it’s supposed to now.”

The customer was especially grateful because she had a bad hip and was walking with a cane. It was impossible for her to climb a ladder to adjust it on her own.

Austin said it gave him a proud feeling to get Old Glory flying a little straighter – that was 10 minutes well spent!

Great work, Austin – another ‘Good Deed For Free!’

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