Is Central Air Better Than a Window Unit?

To answer the question, is central air better than a window unit? you will need to understand the differences between the two. Different methods of heating and air conditioning provide a variety of advantages and disadvantages. Among the several options available, central air conditioning and window units are the most popular.

When deciding which would be most appropriate for your home, consider what areas you want heated or cooled and what may be most important to you when it comes to the furnace and air conditioner.

Centralized Air Conditioning for Complete HVAC

Central air conditioning is one air conditioning system that runs throughout the entire home via ductwork. The condenser unit sits outside of the house while the furnace is usually kept in a furnace closet or alcove of the garage. Ducts connect from the furnace throughout the attic.

Conditioned air travels through the ducts to different parts of the house and empty into rooms and areas through registers or vents. These vents are located at the top of the walls adjacent to the ceiling.

Ac Registers In Your Home

These systems are designed to cool and heat the entire home to one temperature designated on the thermostat and can be programmed to condition air on a schedule.

Central air systems are a popular choice for homeowners because they are convenient, efficient and long lasting.

Window Units for Singular HVAC

A window unit is a method to heating and air conditioning that contains all the necessary components of a central air system in a portable box.

Window units are the more affordable option at first buy and are the optimal choice if you need a heating and air conditioning system for a small area or room.

The power of HVAC from window units is only strong enough for a small radius, which means that in order to heat an entire home, every area of the house needs its own window unit.

Homeowners opt for window units because they are portable, efficient and affordable. At time of purchase, a window unit costs only a fraction of what a central air system costs.

Personalize Central Air with Zoning

For homes that desire the ease and longevity of central air conditioning and the personalization of window units, Service Champions recommend having your air system zoned.

Zoning consists of designating sections within your home. Air ducts are then fitted with discs to direct air to certain zones with its corresponding thermostat. This method allows for only one zone to be heated or cool at a time, cutting down on energy costs and elevating home comfort through personalization.

Superior HVAC Service from Service Champions

Service Champions Heating & Air Conditioning is the only Diamond Certified HVAC provider for Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Our technicians are experts who deliver superior customer service and exceptional technical care.

Our specialists work with your to determine what the best approach to heating and air conditioning for you home is, so you achieve exactly what you desire from your home HVAC.

To learn more about Service Champions air conditioner service, contact one of our friendly representatives in our call center or book an appointment online at your convenience.

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